Black Grey and White Stripe Dice Bracelet


Product Information

Bring your love of games with you with these MINI polyhedral dice stretch bracelets.
Pair your bracelet with any TTRPG character you play, get a set for everyone at the table, or mix and match with our other dice and game related jewelry.

Standard inside circumference is 6.5-7 inches, but we can increase or reduce if you let us know what size you need.

  • Jewelry hardware may vary slightly from photographs, depending on local availability.
  • Colors and patterns in dice may vary slightly from photographs, due to the casting process.
  • All bracelets are made of at least 1 full 7 piece set of polyhedral dice, usually with 1-3 extras in order to reach appropriate size.

This listing is for ONE stretch bracelet.
Please message us if you are interested in multiple set discounts.

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