Stackable Board Game Organizer (4 pack)


Product Information

These amazing organizers can be used in many hobby type games to store tokens, chits, etc. The bit trays are available in 2 sizes (custom sizing available upon request) and more colors than you can believe!

They fit easily into many game boxes and are perfect to maintain good organization during gameplay.

* Regular - 60mm square container, 16mm high, fits inside an 80mm square (including funnel)
* Large - 75mm square container, 16mm high, fits inside a 95mm square (including funnel)

Packs are all of a single color.
If you select a color in the dropdown list, we will ensure all items in this order are of the same shade but we cannot guarantee that colors will match previous or future orders. If you pick a particular color from our website via the Tier selection option, we will use that exact color!

To select a color via the Tier selection option, choose the Tier level in the dropdown and put your specific color id (e.g. Silver III) in the order note

Because this is a 3d printed item, some imperfections may exist.

Die included for scale only

Model used with permission:

Color: Tier 1
Small (60mm)

If you select Tier 1/2/3, put the color id in the box below. Note that the colors shown on your screen are approximate.

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Custom orders have a 2 week processing time

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