Slime Token Set for Nemesis


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Slime token kit for the Nemesis player miniatures (also works for Nemesis Lockdown). This Nemesis upgrade will enhance this already highly thematic game!

These come in a squishy green that really help add to the idea of being slimed. Tokens are provided to be placed on the player board as well as snap to the miniature so you never forget who on the board is slimed! We have a version that can snap around the color rings if you use them or just the miniature.

This listing comes with 5 board markers and 5 miniature markers. Note that the miniatures between the 2020 kickstarter and original have different sized bases. If you aren't sure which version you have, we can send a kit that has both. The 2020 version should be selected if you have Nemesis Lockdown.

Because this is a 3d printed item, some imperfections may exist.

Model used with permission
No Rings

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