Identification Rings for Kingdom Death: Monster


Product Information

3d printed removable plastic identification rings for Kingdom Death: Monster that match the card colors so you can tell which survivor is which. These fit over the 'I Love Poots' bases and will work for flat or stone face settings (or custom settings as well, basically whatever fits in the 'I Love Poots' base).

There is no need to glue/magnetize the rings (they fit over the top of miniatures) and will move as you move the characters!

This item includes 8x rings, 2 of each color (red, brown, blue, green). Shade will match the glitter style of the first two photographs.

Lantern tokens are an optional upgrade. I use them to track on the board what survivors have taken their turn already. The upgrade will contain 2x of each color and will match the rings.

We can do other colors as well, please contact usprior to purchasing to discuss.

Because this is a 3d printed item, some imperfections may exist.
Rings & Lantern Tokens

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